Gain value. Give up control. Collaborate! (via @jeffjarvis)

I think true democracy should involve citizens creating their own media and collaborating with communications organizations. The old models will not go away overnight. It takes time for new values to become mainstream. I highly recommend Jeff Jarvis’s blog and podcast. Especially if you’re concerned or curious about the future of the media.

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the new economic reality: the imperatives of the link economy, the need and benefit of giving up control, the advantages of creating open platforms over closed systems, the value of networks, the post-scarcity economy and the art of exploiting abundance, the need to be searchable to be found, the deflation innovation brings, the value of free, the triumph of process over product….

The Great Restructuring … seek out change, run to it, see the opportunities in it, learn from it. I’m tempted to end here with the obvious bromide: Change is good. But that value judgment is entirely irrelevant. Change is inevitable and right now change is seismic. It’s millennial.

That’s how I want next-generation news organizations to look at us, as the people who will create news while the news orgs add value to it: vetting, correcting, organizing, training, promoting, selling. The news orgs and their journalists then become so much more efficient because they work collaboratively with the public. That’s how they become sustainable and profitable again. But this happens only if you trust and value the others and understand the economics of collaboration.Read more at